16 Times when ‘Bad Luck’ Struck These People Like A Big Fat Truck

Sometimes a stroke of luck can change your life in ways you never thought was possible. However, when you witness the ugly side to it, there isn’t much you can do to avoid the wrath it will bring upon you. There are no lemonades to be made because probably all your glassware is broken in an ‘unlucky accident’.

Instead of being depressed about the entire scenario, what you can do is be a darling about it, fighting all the odds and scroll through this compilation to feel the pain of others.


1. The first day of school can be scary. However, the extent of the same cannot be put into words but it can be portrayed through a picture.


2. The very reason why you don’t put paint next to the stairs.

It is the best kind of fairness cream there is on the market.


3. When fate decides you have to walk to your office and save some fuel.


4. It was measured seven times and drilled once. *Facepalms*