16 Accurate Ways To Do Everyday Tasks A Whole Lot Easier

On a planet, where doing anything is almost as difficult as one can imagine, you will think that you will be at the least be eating your food right. Nope! That’s not the case. Peeling something as simple as a banana can be done wrong.

In this compilation, we will mostly tell you how wrong you have been doing things till this very moment and how to do them right.


1. You have been using knives the wrong way and when I say you, I mean, everyone.


There are a whole lot set of things to keep in mind when it comes to knives. Here are some of them.

2. There are a few ways in which you can sit wrong in a chair- the right and the wrong. No middle grounds here.

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3. Need a bigger container to keep your ketchup in?

Well, you know the condiments cup can be folded into a bigger container.

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4. Peeling the banana from the bottom all your life? Well, you have been doing it wrong. You are supposed to do it from the stem.

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