18 Acts of Kindness and Compassion That’ll Surely Lift Your Mood

Humanity might have lost a bit of its essence in the recent years but there is no reason to lose hope in it, is it? The world is still filled with enough goodness to lit up your mood and day. People do not step back from helping each other. These acts of kindness are anonymous, hardly ever being recorded on the camera.

However, at times, people do share about the wonderful things fellow humans do or the tales about the kind and innocent hearts which continues to light the dark corners. This compilation comprises of such tweets and images with the goodness we all need a little bit of.


1. When Gordon Ramsay, for once, wasn’t a scary human. Rather, he melted a few hearts.


2. The sinking feeling your dog doesn’t love you anymore can be officially removed from ‘The worst things happening to me’ list.


3. It is the ones who don’t speak a lot who make your heart swell with emotion.


4. Pink hair really does a lot to add an aura to her already charismatic personality.