16 Alcohol-Lovers showing Their Ingenious Ways of Sneaking Liquor

Everyone has a side to themselves that can get a little sneaky and mischievous. While most of us don’t tend to show this side of us, there are people who are balling with this nature. They just go with the flow and will do anything to keep themselves at bay using their own rules. Yeah, they don’t like following rules made by others.

And what if these people happen to have a lovestruck for some intoxicating juice, you know, they like to sneak in their juices in places where it shouldn’t be. Say an academic area, a music fest or any public places. They won’t take ‘no’ for an answer because they have ways to solve their situations and here are some of the best of the lot.


1. For those who are on the cruise and don’t wanna spend extra money on the over-priced drinks at the bar.

Empty Listerine bottles, drinks, and food coloring.


2. You think it’s just a bag of groceries.

But nope! Look at what the baguette is covering up. 


3. Get a loaf of bread, trim the inside in the shape of your drink’s bottle.

Put it in and there you have it!


4. When the music fest organizers don’t allow drinks from outside but the food is okay.

Make use of that bread, man!