18 Amputees who Lost Their Limb but Not Their Humor

We, humans, are never grateful for all the things that we have. We always want more, never realizing that being in one piece with all our physical body parts intact is also something to be grateful for. Maybe the quote is true after all, “You never know the worth of something until you lose it”.

Having said that, there are people who unfortunately lost a limb in an accident or have other medical conditions. It’s impossible to imagine their psychological pain and the effect that scars them for life. But then, there are those who move on and live their lives with a whole new chapter. It’s all about accepting one’s own nature that takes us far ahead in life. Here are some inspiring amputees who translated their absence of limbs into something funny and humorous.


1. A funny face to make it a little less serious.

It’s a weird cartoon.


2. She is up for a lego leg.

The most colorful leg I’ve ever seen.


3. On the bright side, you get to scare off children.

They ain’t gonna annoy now.


4. Not coming anytime soon.

So, just grab the pizza and call it a night.