Amusing Tweets That Sum Up Marriage Better Than Any Theory

Marriage is one of the most important bonds in a person’s life. The decision to spend the rest of your life with another human is quite beautiful. You’ll get to spend all the time in the world with that one person whom you love the most. So, it’s natural that you’ll get to know things about your better-half that you never knew about. You already know the big stuff when you are dating someone but those little things get spilled away while dating. But, they come out alive when you stay together every single day.

A good way to handle any not-to-happy situation is by turning your funny side up and taking things lightly. To clarify this, we have made a hilarious list of tweets in which married people from across the world describe their daily struggles and how smartly they handle these situations.

Go ahead and take a look.


1. Nothing can match that! Way to go, lady!

2. Yes, that’s the spirit pal.

3. The perfect 1-line description of a husband is here.

4.  Many women will find this tweet extremely helpful.