Anime Artist’s Drawings on Dark Social Issues will Tense You to Think Deeper

There are so many artists today who gather around from all walks of life with extraordinary talents to tell their tale and share it with the world. Words aren’t enough to describe their contribution to the society and its vast culture. While some artist concentrate on nature, beauty, and history there are some who use their talent to speak their mind through their artworks.

Anime artist Mimi N from Indonesia is also one of the many who focuses on social issues and highlights the dark content that we all know but doesn’t speak about. She uses her creativity as a platform to visualize such actions and reactions. Her drawings might make you feel a little uneasy but they stand true to the core. Give them a look.


Love being buried and bid goodbye forever.

Modern society has made it possible to reach this ugly stage.

A child’s innocent being overshadowed by the adult’s insecurities.

Broken families are so common nowadays.

The innocence of a child being swallowed by the bindings of all kinds.

It can be family conflict, anti-social, fear of opening up, etc.

The love of a child is the purest form of love.

We are all trying to grab the pieces of broken love around us.