16 Anti-social Memes that’ll Fit you Like a Glove if You’re an Introvert

One of the most common and rapidly growing traits of human personality nowadays is Introversion. An introverted person is one who is more focused on internal feelings and thoughts rather than external presentation. One of the reasons why it is increasing could be the pop culture of our current world that is overflowing with social gatherings and loud nature.

And there is only one thing that introverts hate the most, “SOCIALISING”. This dreads them the most and makes them feel very uncomfortable to the extent that they start hyperventilating in a sarcastic manner. If you’re one of them you’re going to love the collection of these memes. Thank us later!


1. It’s very rare for an introvert to find someone they can relate to.

But when they do, there’s no going back.


2. Because your parents are normal and you have a lot of cousins too.

So, sometimes you gotta handshake them and such.


3. Personal space redefined in this picture.

We all need to get this tool to keep people away from us.


4. If red is the color for you, well, why do you even have a phone?

It’s just irritating when people expect you to talk to them over the phone.