20 Appealing Photos showing How Time erodes Everything but Slowly

With a rather spectacular power, ‘Time’ has a way of getting into things in its own way. It stops for no one and spares none as well. Even the brightest and shiniest of things get rough, losing their newness as the clock ticks by.

This compilation focuses on the wear and tear of time, we, at times, don’t pay much attention to. Being immune to the natural process isn’t an option anyone has. The process might be slower in some cases. However, it continues to affect one and all (Plastic might be an exception to this).


1. According to a saying, rubbing Juliet in Verona brings happiness and love to you. Tourists have been following the tradition for years.


2. The worn out marble steps in the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


3. “The flooring in the waiting area at this pizzeria is so worn you can see the old floor.”


4. “The floor in this London Underground train shows a worn patch for each foot.”