Artist Ironically Illustrates The Differences between The Eastern and Western Cultures

In order to celebrate the cultural differences between the two widely varied parts of the world, which are the East and the West, we are putting the work of Yang Liu forward as it stands true and grounded to its racial roots. Liu is a graphic artist, professor, and the head of the Department of communication designs at the Berlin Technical Art University. She is originally from Beijing but moved to Germany at the young age of 13 to chase her dreams.

The illustration from her project ‘East meets West’  is found to be generally relatable and funny at the same time. Her works can really make an audience aware of the huge differences and laugh about it, but also feel like there are certain things that need to be changed as a mass. There are a total of 47 posters in this project based on the contrasting ideas and lifestyle which we can’t deny. And here we have listed below some of the best that we want to share with the rest of the world.

Blue = West.

Red = East.


1. A newcomer.

In the east, it is much easier to blend in as a newcomer compared to the west.

2. Facing problems.

The eastern people try to stay away from problems as much as possible whereas the western people face and solve them.

3. Showing emotions.

People from the west are very adamant about their emotions which is the opposite in the east.

4. Money talks.

For the west, it’s all about doubling the numbers and in the east, it’s more connected to manpower.