Artist turns his Crazy Dystopian Nightmares into Funny and Relatable Comics

Your mind is the wildest and most amazing thing you can ever have. It’s the most ridiculous, pleasant, mad, reasonable and funny place where no one can judge you. Yeah, the inside of your mind!

Often at times, we just get carried away even in the busiest situations and our minds get flooded with many thought, some bad, some good and some really crazy. And in the crazy part, anything can happen, your fear of real things and imaginary things. For example fear of creepy crawlies, which is real, and fear of dogs stealing your credit card, that’s just absurd! But your mind can get creative at times, so give it a break!

Here are some of the few illustrations by Dystopiancomics which the artist calls “My Darkest Ideas Turned Into Comics”. Check them out!


1. This is a universal fear that everyone has when they are out to get a new haircut.

Always go with a friend if you don’t want cotton candy pink hair.

2. People like this one, they will just go on and on and never stop their chatter.

And they would say the most unbelievable things, annoying!

3. Quite true, when you oversleep, your body doesn’t cooperate well.

It’s the drag that’s just hard to handle.

4. Haha, pretty accurate this one!

It’s kinda the same only, you get lost no matter what.