Female Artist Moulds Deadly-Funny Drawings on How-To-Fart while Sleeping With A Partner

The toughest and most dreaded part about being in a relationship is the issue with polluted air generated by your partner shoved on your face. It is not much appreciated, especially when the ghastly smell has the ability to choke you to death.

There is also that other risk of losing the aura of sophistication you have gradually built around you. It might be replaced by the gas chamber your stomach produced, killing your partner subsequently. So if you feel the pressure of poppy sound already building up, do not panic. I repeat, do not panic! Apparently, there are too many ways of tackling this situation. Choose whichever suits your preference and go forward with it.


These illustrations are created by Wendy Chen who is an illustrator based in Seattle.

She has been drawing mangas and been in the industry for the longest time. She has created a comprehensive guide for you to help you out in situations when you are sharing a bed with someone and you have to fart.

In her own words, “I ate all kinds of food and often ran into this problem. I was curious how other people handled the situation but it’s a hard topic to bring up in casual conversations. So I decided to make a comic about it and find out what other people think.”

Method 1. The first kind of method is obviously the right way to do it. Every farter in the back, jot down some notes, will ya?

Step 1: Sneak out of bed.

Step 2: Go to an isolated place.

Step 3: Relief yourself.

Step 4: Feel good about your sneaking skills.

Step 5: Rush back inside the cozy comforter.

This method will assure you a guaranteed success. There is no way in hell you are going to fail in this one.