Artist Presents How Humans Evolved throughout The Years with His Satirical Illustrations

Even though our mind, body, and soul have changed through the years in a great expansion, somehow the basic human instinct in us still live with us today. In fact, these instincts are the sole reason as to why we are here today, in a modern world of science, technology, and commerce. Protection, safety, and survival are the core instincts that led us to civilization from cavemen to now the super smart millennials.

An activist artist, Gunduz Agayev born in Azerbaijan created a project called “Human Hands – From Today Compared To 1000 Years Ago”. The collection includes how the use of human hands has transformed from being a ‘great tool to achieve basic survival goals’ to ‘demolition and violence’. It teaches us how the journey of human civilization has changed our mindset universally.

Here are the 2-D illustrations that show us the Human Hands: Now to 1000 years earlier.


A rock was the biggest achievement in the human history as it was how the fire was introduced. Now, a smartphone has taken it’s the place.

Hunting was a sacred part of our livelihood but today it’s all part of the food business.

Years ago, people drew art on the walls as a practice of telling their own stories and now a selfie stored in our 64gb file is all we can do to preserve a memory.

The protection programs were very simple back then now it’s all about the drones, nukes, etc.