Artist Illustrates the Life of A Gamer and Hipster Girl in Hysterical Comics

Comics have been setting a trend for quite a time now. Everyone loves a good laugh they have to offer. However, barely any of them address the females who love video games. A comic artist named Jago rectifies the situation by having female leads in the comic strips.

Explaining and exploring the idea of a hipster and video game loving girls, these comics are an excellent shot on how it must be to live with a non-stereotypical girl. The idea of that is something new to us and it is quite fun to delve into them.


1. It is advisable to leave your brain at home for some of the movies they are making.

2. Let’s not judge ‘Game of Throne’ too hard. After all, it’s big as a trendsetter.

3. You cannot play ‘Age of Empires‘ without involving a few cars. Doesn’t make sense to me.

4. Technically, she is getting fresh air now. Hence, it counts.