Artist creates Whimsical Limb Tattoos that Surprisingly Get Cooler after Stretching

We have seen many different kinds of tattoos whether it’s colored, black and white, minimalist or nature-influenced, the list doesn’t end at all. But one form of tattoo art that seems so interesting and engaging is the two-in-one tattoos. These are the ones where a single tattoo has two presentation that evolves with the body movements. Best areas to place these tattoos are on the limbs and joints.

Artist Veks Van Hillik is a master of perfecting these form of body art. His works include mostly insects, sea creatures, etc. His clients get his amazing pieces on their limbs with two different drawings that fuse together and forms into one tattoo in a specific posture. Wait till you see his creations, they’re amazing!


This one has a sun, a moon and an eyeball in one tattoo, quite interesting.

As it opens you can see there is a doorway in the pupil.

A huge fish with some awesome shading detailing.

And he stretches his arm and you can see the eye of the fish extending.