Artist Comically Recreates The Lives of Famous Marvel and DC Characters after Retirement

The unrealistic side of comic characters is that they begin their story from a certain age and remain the same at a particular adult age for generations. Holding the characters’ time and age this way actually made many fans of different generations experience the same stories and characters over and over again. I was a kid when I fell in love with Iron Man; now I’m a grown person still loving it and it will go on.

But a Russian artist named Lesya Guseva hailing from Perm has created a whole bunch of comics which she named ‘Pensioners’. This collection includes Marvel, DC, and Disney characters retiring in their respective lives and doing the most adorable old people things. They are cute and funny. You better not miss them.


1. The Dark Knight, Batman finally sleeping at night.

Sweet dreams. I hope you catch all the lambs.

(English translation is below) . А чем же занимается на пенсии старичок Брюс Уэйн?) Да спит он! Да-да. Храпит на весь Готэм-сити. Бируши в уши и адьос) Не стариковское это дело ночью по крышам бегать😂. А преступников пусть вон мимиция ловит😎. . Let’s see what old Bruce Wayne is doing while retired? He is sleeping! Yes, he is snoring for all Gotham City can hear. Earplugs in his ears and adios) It’s not an old man business to run on rooftops at night. 😂 Let the cops catch criminals.😎 . #batman #dccomics #digitalart #wacomart #justiceleague #joker #gothamcity #characterdesign #artistsoninstagram #instaart #инстаграмнедели #comics #никтонезналаябэтмен #бэтмен #picame #superhero #oldsuperhero

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2. Doctor Strange and the Ginni playing chess in space.

The two magical beings. I wonder who will win?

3. Old or young, Deadpool is always mischievous.

There he goes messing around with Mr. Stark again.

4. Supergirl and Wonderwoman chilling by the park.

The red and blue combination is still intact.