This Artist’s Intense Methods of Creating Surreal Landscapes are Completely Extraordinary

You are going to witness the surreal image manipulation by an artist who has ten years of experience in the field of editing software. Polish artist, Mirek, created unique landscapes. The pictures have an unabashed gothic touch to them.

For him the entire process starts with finding a place for his manipulation, “I’m looking for the best sample of the mountain landscape, then I define the atmosphere of the work I select photos with a similar climate. I check various configurations and combinations of these photos, choosing the best option in the end. ”

Mostly self-taught, he seeks inspiration in other’s work while sticking to his style. “We must not only look at others but create what we have in our hearts, every heart beats with its own rhythm, that’s what makes us unique.”

The absolutely stunning bridge you cannot look away from.

Elephant carrying buildings for us. What a creative way of portable homes.

The extremely clever way of portraying a story.