Artist Incredibly portrays Disney Characters Evolving As Pokémon

What would happen if we combine Disney characters and Pokemon instincts? The idea itself is utterly bizarre to imagine because both of these genres of animation have a very distinct and unique identity. To top it off, both of them are very popular and has a huge fan base all over the world. So, it’s hard to imagine these two worlds looking any different than their original characteristics.

But an artist from Sydney, Australia named Ry made this impossible possible with nothing else but his creative brain and a talented gift of drawing. Ry says, “This one time, I thought ‘mm this would be interesting’ when the idea of combining the two things I love – Disney and Pokemon – popped into my head. ” 

Ever since then he hasn’t stopped making these amazing pieces and here we are to show off his awesome fusion of Disney and Pokemon world.


1. Winnie has always remained the cute bear our whole childhood and now we have Skinny the Pooh.

2. The adorable eyes of Wall-E are now turned into this scary look of Wall-Z.

3. Pretty in Pink Daisy is now the Hip-Hopper Dai-Z.

4. I like how he transformed Mini Mouse into Mineficent.