This Artist Comically Portrays his Married Life along with A Newborn Baby & A Dog

Erez Zadok is a comic book artist whose work “Bundle of Joya” (a weekly comic series on Instagram) became quite famous. Wondering what it is about? Well, it revolves around his dog, Joya.

After his wife, Lina, gave birth to their adorable baby girl May, there has been quite a change that happened in their household. For one, Joya is extremely delighted, happy to welcome May in the family. Secondly, Erez – being an artist, felt entitled to create a brand new series starring his daughter which will showcase how life is like since her arrival.

Filled with immense cuteness and Joya, you’d be turned into a pile of goo after you are done with his comics. He has made certain you cry tears of joy through these comics. Get your tissues ready, people. It’s about to start.


The answer to who is the cutest is quite simple, actually. It’s Joya.

The truth is you’d never find what you need if there is a baby in the house because hello, kiddo throws everything.

The bundle has increased in size and we love it so much more now. No doubt in that.

Joya prefers to be the center of attention and their world around the clock. When that is not the case, she subjects herself to moping.