Artist Draws the Probabilities that Cause Every Woman to Shop Online and Regret Later

There is a lot that can go wrong while purchasing an outfit online. The most dreadful experience would be the product not turning out to do any justice on your expectations. This sucks the most, not the right color, wrong size, cheap material, it could be anything. But you know what, you have an entire brand or company to blame. So, it isn’t your fault!


But what if the product is as good as it was expected, you try it on and your body doesn’t co-operate. Yes, it’s tricky! Especially, women have the tendency to order anything online according to their mood swings and hormonal waves. Their mind tricks them into thinking they can pull off any outfit and yeah it’s confusing.

Capturing all these horrific moments from a woman’s perspective, artist Weng Chen puts them down on her comic illustrations. You’ll relate to each one of them, no matter what body shape you have.

So, this is the moment when your tummy is empty and you start thinking you’ve lost some pounds.

This is what the artist felt everytime her stomach was empty, “I feel my belly empty and my legs weak, [and] I associate this feeling with being THIN. Then, like a whirlwind, there comes an unstoppable urge of shopping for new clothes.”

The imagination gets so strong that you start seeing yourself rocking the outfit.

And then reality hits you so hard that you’re so disappointed with your own decisions.