Artist shows What Depression And Anxiety Are Like through Her Funny Illustrations

All the darkness that haunts the human mind generated from small signs and stages. Some of these stages being anxiety, stress, depression, etc. The artist we have locked down today is rather a peculiar one who concentrates her work around these general issues.

Gemma Corell is her name, she is a writer, artist, and cartoonist residing in Oakland, California, though she is originally from the U.K., Gemma is widely known for her comics about mental health in collaboration with charities including Mental Health America. Her quirky nature and ways of highlighting this issue caught the eyes of many and we are one of them.


And here are some of her amazing and comical illustrations.

I think everyone has these phases multiple times in their life.

When it is time for you to take the plunge for the Red Week.

We women don’t need any training, we are quite disciplined that way.

Yoga, you say? Hmm, is thinking allowed?

But wait, isn’t meditation a kind of thinking?