16 Awesome Tinder Bios with First Class Humor

Most of us are a sucker for a personality with a great sense of humor. It’s just hard to ignore them. Because if you can’t appreciate humor, life just becomes too dull and serious.

The same way, in dating sites nowadays, candidates try their best to make that quality visible in their profile so they can attract some attention. Tinder is one of the sites, and yes there are numerous bios that’ll blow you away. This isn’t a joke. Brace yourself because these bios are on fire.


1. And that name would be a life-long reward to carry.

She will definitely make you laugh without any tickles though.


2. Melissa, you were made for me.

The two ‘N’ words, Nocturnal and Netflix, music to my ears.


3. Wow, she has a really sharp sense of humor.

It might cut you, be careful.


4. Thanks for reminding us, really.

You didn’t know but you said something about it, bravo!