16 Boyfriends whose Nasty Habits Might End Up their Relationship

Boyfriends are cute and weird creatures at the same time. They are cute when they care for you, get jealous when another guy tries to flirt with you. They’re even cuter when they try and protect you from all kinds of human contact, you know they just become a huge wall covering you in public. But with all these cuteness comes a whole bunch of weirdness too. Men and their weird habits never leave them whether they’re single, in a relationship or married.

And one thing they got it all mixed up is that they can’t continue with these nasty habits once they’re dating a girl. Because girls are sensitive and have ways of keeping things organized. Kindly check the situations below to see what exact behavior of boyfriends annoys their girlfriends.


1. If a raccoon entered the house and did this it would be understandable.

But nope, it was a human, a boyfriend.


2. Do men have a disaster relation with hangers?

Because it’s not difficult at all, but they screw it up anyway.


3. I’m sensing that men don’t like tissues whatsoever.

This one has been tortured.


4. If your room looks like that and you still have a g.f, you should marry her.

Don’t let that woman go, you won’t find one again.