20 Bizarre but Amusing Moments that People Ever Captured In Airports

If you love traveling then you don’t hate airports, or is the airport the part that you hate the most about traveling? Either way, you came to the right place because this is gonna be a bumpy ride, all about weird things people saw and captured while departing and arriving at airports around the world.

It’s the same here too; just like some quirkish and crazy people that exist outside in the free world, they also happen to travel, and they bring their confusing bundles of joys along with them in the airports. And people who saw them can’t help but take a momentary picture of them to share it with the world because it’s not every day that you see such things. Thank god for the Internet and also cameras. So, let’s begin the show.


1.  Can it be clearer than this?

We all agree with this one.


2. Wait, if that’s the pilot, is this even real?!

Tell me it’s not real; yeah, he is just messing around.

Saw this pilot at the airport, yesterday. from funny

3. And let the hand fights begin.

May the best person win!

Two stalls, one roll. I guess DFW airport wants me to fight this guy from WTF

4. Oh, how considerate of the airport people.

Now all the dogs can feel at home.

This airport has a small patch of grass/fire hydrant for dogs to use the restroom on from mildlyinteresting