16 Breathtaking Images that are Worthy of Your 5 Mins-Break

The beauty this world contains within can literally blow you away with the uniqueness and stunningness. There are such rare things and occurrences, your eyes never get a hold of that it should be declared a crime.

In this compilation, you will be seeing loads of breathtaking pics capable of making you lose our brain cells even more so. You’d want to believe in our planet and why it was destined to be our home. One cannot just oversee the gorgeous Mother Nature along with some human-created wonders.


1. This picture is a whirling kaleidoscope of color created by swirling glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end.


2. The biggest sculpture in the world. It is in Kerala.

The gigantic beauty you’d want to keep your eyes fixed at.


3. An amazing sunset and a laughing pooch in the frame. This picture really says it all.


4. In case, you are wondering- this is not a picture but it is a painting.