18 Cake Orders that Turned Into A Complete Disaster

The first thing coming to mind when you think about a birthday party or a party of any sorts that is arranged to celebrate your existence in the world is a cake. And food. Don’t forget the food because Joey will be angry. Coming back to cakes – we all love deliciously baked delicacies begging to dissolve in our mouths.

However, as usual, humans cannot be trusted with anything. As they have managed to destroy every other good thing in the world, they set their eyes on baked goodness as well. This compilation is filled with the most disastrous cakes we can see.


1. Looks like something really bad has taken place here.

Nikolya Popov

2. This is a good cake for your kid’s birthday if you want to give them nightmares.

Robert C.

3. No way in hell can this cake be considered an equivalent to that of a Harry Potter theme. These bakers were not thinking with their heads.

Dutch Cakebox

4. Let’s just hope Christian enjoyed looking at the cake as much as we did.