16 Cases where Americans prove that Kindness Still Lurks In Humanity

Society today has made it very clear now and again that selfishness and greediness have taken over humanity in all corners of the world. Nobody can be trusted, more so the strangers we walk past every day on the streets. We are filled with fear and obscurity that we just mind our own business and go on with our days.

Though we live in a cruel world there is still some hope left in humanity because not everybody is rude and mean. Kind and humble people who wanna help others do exist. They don’t do it because they are super rich it’s just that they have a good loving heart and they just wanna do good for people as much as they can. Here are some of those examples that’ll melt your heart.


1. A girl had to bring her baby during class because she had no other choice.

The professor quickly babysat the little one when it started crying while the mother was taking her quiz test.

2. ‘100 Suits’ Nonprofit provided brand new suits to men recently getting out of prison.

It is their way of welcoming them back to society and also for a new start.


3. The race is not an issue when the bond between a parent and a child is genuine.

Only another parent can understand the feeling, either white, black or yellow.


4. The inspiring story of 15-year-old Anthony Borges, the boy who took bullets to save his classmates.

Anthony stood in the door, protected 20 other students and got five gunshots on him during a school shooting.