This Cat had Travelled More Than Most Humans, And His Pics will Melt Your Heart

We all have dreams and aspirations of traveling the world. However, not many of us are able to explore the beauty that lies within this planet. Turns out a cat named Nyankichi has been a lucky lad when it comes to traveling.

He is from Kagoshima, Japan, and has been traveling around the country. This immensely photogenic ball of fur is incapable of giving a bad picture. No matter which picture you point out at, either he is chilling beside an erupting volcano or he is having a gala time on the beach. This cat is definitely living a dreamy life which has successfully earned him more than 1,20,000 followers on Facebook.

He doesn’t shy away from posing during his adventurous and that is the charm about him. Not only that, he has also made appearances on television and starred in magazines.


Walks away from an explosion without a care in the world.

Having a peep in the water because it looks better from far away.

Just posing there like a darn pro.