This is how Celebs Look like with Symmetrical Faces, And it’s Disturbing

Have you ever stood still in front of a mirror and checked your face to see if it’s symmetrical? How would it look like if your left and right profile looked exactly the same? It’s crazy, I know because most of us have a better-looking side, the one with which we all feel comfortable in front of the cameras and such. And generally, there are fewer people who have a symmetrical face.

Then, there are people who consider facial symmetry as an attractive asset in the whole appearance of a person. Say, in the entertainment world and show business, celebrities are often ridiculed for this unattainable beauty. Some go through surgery for it, I mean yes, it does look good to have an even face but is it necessary? Frankly speaking, it’s the beauty myth I don’t care about. Anyways, in order to feed your curiosity here are some famous celebrities whose faces have been edited into one whole face with only one side. Have a look.


1. American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift.

The lips and the nose makes her look older.

2. The British actress, Emilia Clarke.

Her neck shrank and her chin got pointier.

3. 30-year-old British music artist, Adele.

This is so wrong, she looks scary.

4. The body Icon, Kim Kardashian West.

She still kinda looks the same.