16 CGI Shots from MCU proving that Anything Is Possible with VFX

If you’re wondering why it took so many decades for characters like the Avengers to hit the screen, it is because none of these characters could be brought “to life” without the advanced tech which we now have in the film industry. It was just impossible without the use of computer-generated imaging.

Anyways, years after it is finally possible to bring these characters alive who are played by real humans. Another gift of science and tech to the entertainment industry is the role of CGI, also referred to as 3D computer graphics. All the crazy actions and dope backgrounds, even costumes rely on CGI. It is known that the MCU team in charge of the VFX are the best so far. When Tony Stark was in Captain America: Civil War, that was incredible work. Here are more pictures from the MCU franchise.


1. Thor and Hulk, that’s how they became pals.

For the stunts, the characters had to be in their genuine size so that they can insert the character after editing.


2. Again, Thor is always with the big guys.

Well, he is a God so it’s okay, I guess.


3. Of course, they had a green screen in the driving part too.

New York does not look empty like that.


4. This is the perfect pro LED circle light.

And it looks real too.