Clothing brand ‘Missguided’ Redefines Beauty with 6 “Flawed” Gorgeous Women

What is beauty? What comes to your mind when somebody asks you that question? Is it the 5.10 ft tall, size zero and fair complexion the true definition of beauty? Or is it the famous phrase,

“Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow”?


There are many definitions of the word Beauty, and the one that stood out for me is,

“Beauty is a combination of qualities not only shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight but also the ability to show boldness and greatness in different forms.”

And now the question rewinds back, so tell me, what is your definition of beauty?


If you’re still confused about what you wanna believe in or what pleases your mind keep reading.

For thousands of years, beauty has been related directly to women of all races and ethnicity. The feminity of a woman’s physical structure changes through eras. Symmetrical proportions and perfection are what we consider the best. Supermodels with Goddess-like features have walked the ramps across the globe presenting what we humans think 100% beauty is.


Yes, no doubt these Supermodels are beautiful but are they the true representative of over 3 billion women alive today?

The answer is yours to decide. What the fashion world and show business show us is the unattainable realm we love to see, but it is high time we bring some reality into our entertainment world as well.

A famous clothing brand named Missguided, a UK-based multi-channel retailer selling clothes established in 2009 by Nitin Passi has broken an uneven side to this unrealistic beauty we all have been worshipping our whole lives. The official Instagram account of Missguided released some pictures that might give you some knowledge about the unseen real beauty of the world.

You must be wondering why these women look unusual and different.

These six models are normal people just like all of us. Living, walking and talking. They do have a story of their own that explains the way they look. But the matter here is not how they look but acknowledging these differences and putting them out to prove that we are all the same on the inside.

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