Colorful 60’s Photos of LA, America that’ll Make You Say ‘Take Me Back!’

The big American dream’ is a phrase we all have heard quite often. There is nothing that one should feel uneasy about it. America, today, is the most powerful country in the world. And one of its city, Los Angeles, home to Hollywood is not only famous worldwide for the same but the glamour attached to it inviting thousands of people for a visit is spectacular.

One thing to wonder about this city of million dreams is how it looked like back in the days when color photography wasn’t as refine and crisps as it is now. However, in this age, when technology has crossed every leap and bound, it is quite easy to add some hues to the pictures captured during those days. But the sight of the yesteryears can never be compared to the modern era.

This is how LA used to look like during the 1960’s.


1. Los Angeles has quite a distinctive classiness attached to it back in the days.

2. Guys working on their muscles with a focused energy.

3. The city wasn’t as crowded with vehicles back in the days like it is in the present. How amazing it must have been!

4. Ladies employed in the supermarket worked their hair in an amazing fashion.