16 Compelling Photographs that were Taken In A Nick Of Time

Timing is everything in the world where coincidences take place more than often. One feels quite astounded when a curveball they didn’t see coming is thrown at them. But when the ball crashes the ground, they blame their rotten luck as they were never meant to walk on that path but it was time that brought it upon them.

Curse bad timing as much as you want but when it’s blended with good photography, the result you get is quite magical. It’s fair if you are having your doubts about it but to clear up them, here is a compilation to show you that bad luck can be turned around if you have any evidence for it just so that we can laugh.


1. The exact moment she realizes the bag is going to give up on her.


2. Marat Safin lifting a tennis trophy but not with as much skill.


3. “Mom said, “Throw the bucket!” meaning just the water but Grandma took it too literally.”


4. “My one friend ‘helped’ my other friend use an ice luge to drink at a party last weekend…”