16 Amazing Cover-Tattoos that Got Beautifully Blended with Body-Scars

Being an admirer of art and beauty, it is not a lie to say that tattoos are a whole genre of charmers that gave us a path to push the boundaries of electrifying nature’s creation. Some may think that it is polluting that natural beauty while some take it as a gift of art. Whatever it may mean to you the people in this compilation, for them it meant a new chapter, a bud of new energy.

These lot of people used the gift of ink to not only erase their scar and wounds but accessorize them with beautiful art pieces and creative designs. If it makes them feel better well, what’s stopping you to admire them? Let’s get right into it.

Welcome to the world of Cover-up tattoos.


1. His burn mark is now a beautiful sea turtle.

Love the work of shading on this.


2. A string of Lavender down her spine.

This is my favorite flower and now I love it even more.


3. He wanted a tattoo with one that stays rooted and he did.

This means so deep witted.


4. A colorful tree to spring new energy.

Love the water-color effect here.