15 Crazy & Mysterious Photos that’ll Leave You Clueless

When we don’t understand certain situations, most of the time they are things that are beyond our knowledge or just some crap that doesn’t make any sense at all. If it’s the first reason then there is always a chance to learn the doubts. And if it’s the latter, it’ll just leave you super annoyed.

But most of the time people love a little nonsensical in their lives just to get away from the usual stuff. So, if you have room to spare for some craziness and mysteries at the moment, well, you’re in the right place. Welcome aboard!


1. Is there a Marvel party going on somewhere?

Maybe they are all flying to Queens, NY.


2. The love for pizza can make you go to any extent.

Pizza face maybe, he got it right.

The Chive

3. She looks scary man! And very protective of her baby.

That cute kitten though.


4. And the mystery continues.

We don’t like pink couches anyway.

The Chive