Dad shows How Kid’s Drawings would Look Like In Reality, And They’re Terrifyingly Hilarious

It’s probably the dream of every person that whatever they sketch comes to life. To be frank, the adrenaline rush through the body at the thought of sheer magic radiating from the possibility can make about anyone blind. Some of us have seen it happening in a show where a kid draws a random thing and it becomes real.

That’s the life we all want to live, don’t we?

However, when the human drawing the sketch creates something incoherent, the thing coming to life isn’t as dreamy as one will imagine. Instagram account Things I Have Drawn belongs to a book author and father of two named Tom Curtis who shares drawings of children from all around the world, But that’s not all, people. He also decided to bring their cute creations to life.


1. The elephant with a long neck and crooked face because nothing is supposed to be normal these days.

2. That is exactly what Donald Trump looks like on the inside. Always the one to scare.

3. Those ears are the actual art though. You don’t mess with art.

4. I do not know which animal is this but if you guys can guess it, feel free to slide right into my DM.