16 Daunting and Frightful Life-Events Captured By Google Earth

In a world, we live in today where nothing can really be hidden, it is such a sight to see what’s happening around the globe with the use of high tech programs. Let’s say, for example, Google Earth, it is a 3D representation of the surface of the Earth based on the satellite footages. This computer program allows us to get into details with whichever cities or places we wanna zoom in and look at from various angles.

The positive side of it is that we can follow up on every nook and corner of the earth sitting in our room or anywhere else through our phone without even having to move a centimeter. But there are also some scary images that might turn up while browsing the program. You never know what’s happening on the other side of the world, but now Google Earth can provide you all the evidence you need.


1. “Google Earth has an image of Manhattan taken the day after 9/11”.

This is bringing back a lot of memories of the dreadful day in history.


2. A pod of whales swimming together in the sea.

Pictures like these are worth watching.


3. An erupting volcano in the island of Vanuatu chain in the South Pacific.

This is daunting and majestic at the same time.


4. A giant 1200 ft long pentagram carved on the land in Kazakhstan.

Nobody knows how and why it happened.