17 Dreamlike and Illusive Portraits by 19-Year-Old Artist Will Strike Your Core

The word “photoshop” has become a verb as in “to Photoshop an image.” We now live in a world where this word rules over our everyday entertainment. Let it be the fashion industry, show business or even the contents we see on the internet; most of them are perfected by the world of photo-editing. Kinda like the airbrush final moment of photography.

Russian artist from Perm named Alexandra Chertulova is a 19-year-old self-taught photo editor who has a fan following around the globe for her unique skills in photoshop. She mixes and twists the real world and creates extraordinary portraits that are breathtaking and mesmerizing. Here are some of her best creations.


1. After the tiring 5 days of the week, we all deserve an escape for the weekend.

Let the green man lead you to a country of sweet dreams over the weekend.

✒ Escapism Предлагаю немного пофантазировать! Пишите в комментариях, с чем ассоциируется у вас это фото, какие мысли навевает. Или же придумайте название для него. А я через 1-2 дня сделаю несколько шаутов в сториз тем, чьи мысли больше всего понравятся мне и моему сердечку! . . . #digitalart #photomanipulation #digital_indo #surreal #art #artoftheday #visual_creatorz #enter_imagination #photoart #photography #editorialphotography #dailyart #artstagram #artlover #digitalimaging #igcreative_editz #visualsoflife #awesome_surreal #moodygrams #photoshop #d_expo #darksouls #darksovls #инстаграмнедели

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2. Where there is an end there will be a beginning.

Death gives birth to life for the next generation.

3. The unwanted truth that will haunt our future soon.

The artificial atmosphere, this is really imaginative.

4. Everybody has two faces; it just depends on who is standing in front of them.

This one shows the dual characters that everyone has.