16 Priceless Emotion-filled Pics that’ll Certainly Make you Feel Something

There is a specific time when people or any animals make a certain kind of face that expresses their inner feelings so well. It’s like the visual interpretation of their emotions. Either they are laughing, crying, shocked, etc. a facial expression is the easiest way to tell what that living thing is going through or might be thinking.

But we humans are so good at hiding our feelings away, we cry when we don’t want to, we laugh and smile to hide the pain away. We act like we are okay when we are not okay at all, only the surprises and shocks are the times when we can’t control our visual emotions because it happens suddenly. Here are some of the best expressions caught on camera. Enjoy!


1. Can you see how shocked and irritated that man’s face is?

He clearly doesn’t like anime or pink hair.


2. It didn’t specifically say a human so it could be possible.

The goose did appear unexpectedly, right?

unknown author

3. Your cat can read? You have a cat that can read, lucky dog lover!

And he still prefers a dog, poor cat!


4. Is he Piglet from Winnie The Pooh? That look is dangerous!

It’s supposed to look cute but he isn’t.