20 Enthralling Facts about ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that Every Fan Should Know

The American television sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which first aired on September 24, 2007, on CBS Network has left a steady mark in the television’s comedy genre. One special reason why the fans are crazy about this show is the scientific facts and equations the makers brought in to show and how they interpreted them in a funny way for the viewers. So you not only laugh at the dialogues but you also learn the content.

The characterization of this show is also very fresh and interesting in a way that you feel very connected to them but you can never expect or predict an action. They somehow evolve with time beautifully and funnily. It must be so wonderful to be a part of the BBT team. All the nicks and nacks and the facts that we would die to know about.

But don’t you worry because we got some info and you’d be surprised, hang on!


1. When it comes to nudity, who has seen who?

Aah, Howard! Okay, we can understand that fact.


2. People make a weird expression about repeating outfits, wait till you hear this.

Penny has been repeating and carrying the same purse since Season One, Episode Two.


3. Oh and here is a fact about the building they lived in.

The 2, 3 and 4 floors of the building are all same, meaning it is on the same floor of Sheldon’s and Leonard’s apartment. They just changed how it looked.


4. The show was previously called “Lenny, Penny, and Kenny”.

Omg! So Sheldon was almost named Kenny. Thank God they changed it, cheers to that!