17 People who Failed Over Common Things and We Feel Sorry For Them

There is nothing wrong with failing at a few things in life. We all have been there. At certain points, you make whatever that is you are doing and then there are other things which cannot be accomplished by you, irrespective of how hard you’re trying not to be a failure.

It hurts to realize for a fact you aren’t good at something. It hurts real bad. However, the good news is these people are probably worse than you. With every sort of planning, they somehow manage to wreck things for themselves.

1. This is the scariest way of taking a dump in any washroom. You don’t want to look at people staring at you while you are at it.


2. You can check out at any but you shall never leave. *Smiles creepily*


3. When you want to cut the cheese but it doesn’t want to be cut.


4. Pose for the camera guys, you are being captured.