18 Insane Family Photographs that’ll Leave You with A Cringe-Face

Families strive really hard to prove that blood is thicker than water. On their quest to do so they leave no stone unturned. They do manage to do so on daily basis. But as it is said, one cannot truly have a dysfunctional and awkward family without enough evidence to prove so.

Hence, in the form of evidence, here are the pictures which were captured for future references. Not only are they well-planned but everyone is playing their own role. No one agrees to be left behind in the road to getting an awkward family picture clicked.


1. There is so much weirdness in this one picture. I dunno how they managed to fit it all in one single frame.


2. Because rainbow cannot and shouldn’t have more colors than this snap.


3. Even if the dogs have a mortal feud in between them, there is nothing stopping them from portraying their love on camera.


4. Why? Because there are not many things which can leave a scar on a child’s mind.