20 Times when Fans Awkwardly Mistook Random People as Celebrities

Often times we come across strangers that look exactly like the people we know. Most of the time it can be a subtle resemblance or in some cases, they might also look exactly the same. Meeting these familiar faces can get us all excited and jumpy but what if we meet a celebrity look-alike? Now that will be a worthwhile encounter, wouldn’t it?

Fans who are so blinded by the facial similarities would take pictures and post them on social media proudly claiming that they met a celebrity. Well, we didn’t wanna break their special moment but we couldn’t help but share the news. So, here we have a list with pictures where fans clearly had no idea that they were posing with random people. From Oprah to George Clooney, it’s hilarious, you gotta check them out.


1. Peter buying them adult drinks, sounds like a good night they had together.

But sorry girls, that is not Peter.


2. Well, he does look like the old version of Chris Pratt.

You know, when he was more known for his comedian roles.


3. If he was a little bit thinner, he’d look exactly the same like Dr. Gregory from “House”.

But then again, he is just some random person walking by.


4. Another one of Peter Dinklage, the guy has a lot of look-alikes.

But this one from Vegas is clearly stoned.