16 Fascinating Images that Seem Ordinary Only At First Look

You lot must be bored of seeing the same usual pictures and incidents over and over again on the internet. Well, you don’t have to panic, we have something in store for you. It may not be the most hilarious and crazy content but something which you definitely haven’t seen elsewhere, unless you’re the person who uploaded these pictures.

It’s a 15 sec journey where you’ll see average rated weird pictures that’ll amuse you because you never thought about them before or you never knew something like this is likely to happen in real life. Take a look, before I bore you in trying to explain it more, yeah, so go ahead! Enjoy the show!


1. Someone dropped a glass ball and got a hummingbird shaped shard.

One in a million situation.


2. “Caught a ring of fire coming from a 44 magnum while taking a picture of my buddy at the range”.

This is so cool, never seen it before.

3. Sand art in a bottle that has a beach scenery.

How cool is this, how do they do this?


4. The laptop broke and formed a forest looking structure at the bottom of the screen.

Quite fascinating and beautiful.