16 Fashion Disasters Caught in the Realm of Russian Subways

You don’t have to be a fashion enthusiast in order to spot a person with a hideous outfit. You just know it when it doesn’t match, it’s common sense. Some people mix up being stylish and overdoing it. A style is a sense of fashion that everyone has according to their taste and comfort. But for the people who go overboard, they are just confused individuals who don’t have any idea about “Less is more”. Being extra is totally okay once in a while but not every day because then you look like a rainbow.

Anyways, these fashion fails can be spotted most of the time in crowded places as people from every corner cross paths in such particular places, and one of them is the subway. To be exact, Russian subways are the most entertaining and colorful ones. If you want evidence, here are some pictures to serve you the purpose.


1. He is a lead singer of a Scottish band.

Nah, I’m just kidding, he just likes kilts a lot.


2. Whoever said you can’t be a penguin in the subway.

This guy is crossing out all the rules.


3. I’m getting an army/forest/squat-girl kinda vibe from her.

She is sitting so calmly and listening to something.


4. Her favorite color is definitely Green.

I bet she likes Kiwi and the Rain Forest too.