16 Fast Food Horrors that’ll Make You Super Cautious while Eating

We the millennials, frankly speaking, don’t have the time and spirit to cook at home and have a healthy diet. We have a long list of excuses that just makes us too lazy to spend some time inside the kitchen cooking organic food. But we have an angel that is ever ready to save us, the glorious world of “Fast Foods”.

These food outlets make it possible for us to eat what we love without doing much, just a little bit expensive and higher chances of getting fat. Wait, that’s not the only downside they’ve got. Sometimes, people who work at these outlets get too tired and exhausted that they don’t pay much attention to the food they prep. Once you start seeing the nasty pictures below you’ll start learning recipes from online and start cooking. Trust me!


1. Garden fresh salad with a little rodent surprise.

Omg, this is killing all my appetite.


2. The burrito has numbers on it, great!

If the ink has mercury in it and you consumed it, things can go very bad.


3. If that is how Coleslaws are made, I think we should leave now.

This worker should never work for a food company ever.


4. Poor beetle, it didn’t survive the torture and heat.

Imagine having this on your plate.