16 Flight Passengers who might Don’t Know the Meaning of “Shame”

Flying. at times, turns out to be not as pleasant as one desires. There are an entire plethora of things eager to go wrong while you share a plane with strangers. Saying the person next to you might feel like putting his/her feet on the table right when you are about to eat your food.

You might feel a need to throw up and punch their face simultaneously. Not necessarily in the same order. Taking that as an example, we present you the compilation of pictures from an Instagram account named Passenger shaming you’d be shocked to come across. There are really all sorts of people existing in the world. Let’s meet some of them.


1. It would have been preferable if they chose to trim their nails any place other than the flight.

2. In case, it wasn’t clear enough, kindly read the caption in point number one.

3. Wedging their feet between the seats is probably the most common thing, a flyer tries.

4. Or let’s say they try to wedge their feet between other flyers. Both are considered to be inappropriate and yet, they do it.