Forgotten Things that’ll Make Any 90’s Kid Emotional

Not trying to praise the decade I was born in but come on, the 90’s was awesome! We had some make or break moments that will forever remain in our hearts until we perish. The pop culture of the 90’s was hip and cool, I mean it was the end of a century and the dawn of a new one so a lot of trends and changes were witnessed during those years.

Us, the 90’s babies will forever be grateful for the walkman that was as heavy as a brick and then the mixed cassettes that gave us the time of our lives. Yes, we didn’t have iPhone but we had F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I think that’s about it. We miss those years and here’s a tribute to it, how can it be better than infusing those nostalgic moments into memes, right? Dig in!


1. Child’s play was the horror of my childhood.

Thanks to it, I’m never gonna buy my kids any dolls. On a second note, they’d probably want an iPad.


2. This is what you call literal heartbreak.

We had to fix it by breathing on them and rubbing it on our t-shirt.


3. I mean, feet were invincible for quite a long time.

Missing them big time.


4. It’d be great to be a part of the civil war.

But nope, that’s how we jammed to punk-rock.