22 Funny Cat Pics that Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Who doesn’t love cats? The world drools over these furry creatures, their tiny paws, little legs, and button eyes. And interestingly, it has been proven by science that even watching cat videos can lower the levels of cortisol in your brain. Cats’ purring is known to reverse bad mood and even heal mental health problems. No wonder why cat videos get so many views on the internet. The last recorded, for instance, got a whopping 12 million views. We all love to watch these cute little cotton balls jump, mew, purr, and just be funny! If you are a cat owner, you’d want to adopt some more of these after this article and in case you are not, you’d desperately want to own one ASAP.

So scroll down for some more cats ’cause we know that your inner cat lover just can’t get enough of them!


 1. What a unique fur pattern on this one!

2. No wonder anyone could mistake this for a photograph from a magazine!

3. Not sure if this guy is lucky or doomed!

4. Probably plotting to make an evening snack out of them. Still, this is oddly cute!