16 Funny Pics showing The Creepy Side of Traveling The Subway

The subway can be considered a place where people from all circles of life come together for a single motive – reaching their destination. So as these people come together, they also bring with them their personalities. As we all are aware of the fact, when that happens, a perfect storm is born. The kind we all want to be in the middle of.

Some of them are trying a bizarre hairstyle with their wavy curls standing up to salute the fashion divas but you can’t complain, can ya? Just like you cannot complain when a bottle of wine rolls from below your seat. What do you do in such a situation? You have a glass and share it with your co-passenger as well. These are simply a few instances happening in this compilation. There’s a lot more. You will have to see for yourself.


1. A lot can be said about the matrix situation happening here.


2. In case you were wondering – yes, those are pants that were transformed into a very attractive jacket.


3. Twisting the legs in a knot because earphones are being missed.


4. Subway or no subway, one should always travel in comfort and style.